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TV Installation Pro Las Vegas excels at making your binge-watch moments even more pleasurable, all while meeting with the aesthetic value of your home or office. With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured of complete durability, reliability and flexibility with our team of experts.

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Did you recently purchase a TV and are all set to mount it? Wait before you dive in headfirst with DIY and ruin the experience with your brand new TV. To ensure you get the best location for your TV and make the bang for your buck, you certainly need experts who have years of experience providing unmatched TV installation services in Las Vegas. Our pros will ensure you are satisfied with your TV viewing experience with aesthetics that will match the beauty of your new purchase. If you are willing to invest in a quality TV then be sure to invest in quality installation so you can enjoy it to its fullest for years to come!

We carefully mount all sizes of TVs ranging from small (under 42 inches), medium (42 to 62 inches) to large (above 64 inches); we do TV Wall Mounting of everything that comes in between. Whether you already have your wall brackets, or use one of ours, we ensure to take all safety measures and proper wiring to create a family-friendly environment. We want to ensure your kids and guests roam around the house with ease.

TV installation has never been easier with TV Installation Pro Las Vegas, where we stand above the rest in quality and excellence.

We are equipped with just the right tools to securely install Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL or any brand TV that you currently have. But, if you think that’s enough, wait till you find out how we create a full-fledged soundbar system or home cinema upon your request.

With TV Installation Pro, It’s Vision First, Execution Second.

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We offer complete TV services and troubleshoot anything that gets in our way of making your vision a reality. If you have bought the essentials and don’t know how to get started, we can help.

We excel at concealing wires and getting the right installation for your TV and configure sound systems and work with various Audio systems like Bose systems, Dolby Atmos, and other Multi-Zone sound systems to make sure you get utmost fun right at the comfort of your home.

With us, it’s your entertainment and our responsibility to take care of the boring set-up. So feel free to reach out, get a FREE quote and start a luxurious journey with excellence.

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We stand above the rest in bringing theatre experience right at the comfort of your home and provide unprecedented TV installation services, so you do not break your own sweat while doing this. From meticulously unpacking your unit to the final wall mount, count on our pros to neatly get the TV installed in the right position, so take utmost advantage of its angles and have a comfortable experience.

Our certified technicians can make this whole process a no-brainer for you by taking care of the installation from scratch; with our fast, durable and professional services, you can get the ever-required peace of mind with your TV.

What makes us say so?

Our experts are equipped with advanced tools, years of experience, techniques and the satisfaction of countless clients who believe. Our certified technicians can identify the best wall mounts for you and use them for secure TV on the wall.

Why Choose Us?

TV Installation Pro Las Vegas welcomes a smart approach in everything we do; that’s what makes us better than the rest!

We excel at making the impossible possible by letting you access everything from one place. Picture getting the ideal cinematic-like experience with a widescreen, speakers that immerse in the functional world, lighting to help you get lost and comfortable seating so you can binge-watch without posing any risk to your health. We ensure to integrate everything, all while making sure the installation fits in your budget.

With us, you never have to feel obligated to spend more than you can and only get the necessities right in the most effective way possible. This, from the practically tour services to aesthetics, we ace everything we do!

How do we make that possible?

We first visit your place and visually inspect the structure for wiring, components, and creating a layout that can work best for you. Later, we help walk you through the entire process using our certified technician’s skills to give you the ever needed peace of mind after trusting us.

TV Installation PRO Las Vegas is an industry-leading company that leaves no stone unturned to bring you the best of your TV services. Whether it is your plasma TV, LCT TV Mounts, MED, monitor, DVD stands or any other electronics, we have prevailed our name above a strong client base to ensure you get nothing but the best in installation services; Our skilled technicians are experienced to give you accurate suggestion regarding the mounting location, upkeep and making the most out of your purchase.

“These guys were real pros when it came to our TV Installation!”

 Jon Sauer, North Las Vegas

The buying process is always the fun part of the entire journey with your new TV. However, no one likes to hassle around with the wires and settings of the TV when you can straight off indulge in your favorite Netflix series.

But hold on there. That’s the only hurdle that you need to go through. Depending on the number of people in your home, the angles and mounts can vary. With a single search on the screen, you get exposed to the thousands of mount kinds that make it even more daunting to decide.

Well, luckily for you, we got that covered too. Our team of skilled experts not only suggest the best mount type that will perfectly fall under your requirements but help you install it as well. We guarantee a correct position to prevent health dangers with stiff necks and squinting to ensure a completely comfortable journey.

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